A styling store. but more

Styling by amy is being taken to a whole other level. Basically, i get to do all the things i love in a creative way, in my own store, in manly! After having 6 months off, and racking my brain for a career answer. And attempting different career directions, and failing, a lot. I became VERY confused. I couldn't figure out a direction i wanted to go in.

I tried the thing with following my values, researching values, which in turn, i got even more confused. Because i couldn't connect the dots.

Until i had a brain snap and realised, i need space, a store, that i can have everything i value and love, and am inspired by, available to people who lack maybe inspiration, or enjoy the same things i enjoy. i.e. an ottoman ( YOU SHOULD SEE THE ONES I HAVE COMING IN!!)

Texture and colour, minimal and simple. Everything, for everyone.

Things like homewares, to make your home feel special and your own, Amazing hair and beauty products, Maison saine, eleven australia, bondi wash and many more. A completely relaxed area for hairdressing, boosting your self esteem starting with amazing hair. Books to sit down and be inspired by while having your hair done, that promotes mindfulness and well being because, on this 'journey', i actually realised how important a healthy frame of mind is, and how learning about it, is really interesting and a key element to feeling GOOD.

And that, my friends, is what you will get out of this store.

Feeling good xx