Cali & co

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

I am a hairdresser by trade, and have been since i was 16. I am now 32, so how ever many years that is, i have been a creator of hair. I love everything about the industry. Colouring, creating, being a therapist, styling, testing amazing products, being in an environment that can lift clients self esteem, everything, is pretty cool to do on the daily.

I have always been the employee though, who is also out the back, in the back room, re organising everything to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and less cluttered and more efficient for the space. One of my boss's would always make the comment

" oh so Amy has been in today"

HA! To be honest, i probably enjoyed doing those things, more, than being on the floor. When i reflect on that feeling, my styling life journey, is re ignited and i know i am on the right pathway.

So, i wanted to briefly touch on my hair salon, i started in 2015. I had it for two solid years, and was beyond successful as a stylist. I lived out my dream everyday to style the space, source some cool pieces i.e. my amazing palm tree wall paper by a local artist kawiian lion. Things like finding the perfect tea mugs and side tables, pendant lights and custom reception desk, made those few weeks so rewarding and i felt happy,

My true passion remained though, and soon enough, i couldn't take the company any further without devoting my life to hairdressing. And that made me a little agitated and stuck.

So thats how i am here. Taking on this pathway, writing this blog, on a website i created to showcase and offer my love for design, creating spaces for homes with people who need help. Its all about vibe people. And being in environments that make you feel most like you!